You can only transfer Gold if you have purchased Gold at least once. The following Gold is NOT transferable at all:

Gold is only transferable between game worlds of countries with the same Gold prices (the domains, e.g '.com" and ".de", this excludes ".ru"). It is not transferable from Travian: Legends to Travian Kingdoms or the other way around and also is not transferable from one lobby account to another (duals cannot transfer Gold to each other).


You can transfer your Gold after deleting your account on a game world or once the game round has ended. The remaining Gold will automatically be transferred to the Lobby. When that happens, you will get a notification in the Lobby, informing you that there is leftover Gold waiting to be transferred. In a pop-up window in the center, the amount of transferable Gold and a button to proceed with the transfer will appear. The Gold can only be transferred to one game world and only in the full amount.



Click on "Gold transfer" and a new pop-up appears. There you can choose the game world you would like to transfer your Gold to. Please note that you can only transfer Gold within your account and not to another account that has another email address.