Our forum is the "rally point" for the Travian Kingdoms community.

Here you can, for example:

  • Communicate with other Travian Kingdoms players.
  • Open your own threads or reply to other players on any related topic.
  • Share information about the game. 
  • Post battle reports.
  • Ask questions.
  • Send feedback to the Travian Kingdoms team.

And much more!

How to join the forum?

There are plenty of ways.

The easiest method is to click on the "Forum" button in the top menu once you have logged into your lobby account!

You can also use this link:

But perhaps you prefer the button on the top right of your game page?


How do I select only the categories I am interested in?

The forum is structured by country, and you may not want to see a looong list of categories and languages that you are not interested in or don't understand!

Not to worry, we'll let you choose what you want to see!

To choose your favorite categories (and hide the others), just follow this guide:

1) Look for the 3 small gray icons on the right below the banner.

2) Click on the first one (the eye).

This opens a pop-up with a list of all available categories.

For each of them, you can see:

  • Gray box: mandatory (not editable)
  • Blue box: displayed category (editable)
  • Empty box: hidden category (editable)

For example, to see only the mandatory and FR forum:

Don't forget to click on the "Submit" button once you have made your choice!


On the forum's main page, you can collapse or expand each category to adapt the display to your current preference:

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