Marketplace building levels

Requirement (base)

Main Building level 3 and Warehouse level 1

Construction level 1:

Durationtiki-download_file.php?fileId=841 00:00:30

Function Overview

  • Send, buy, or sell resources
  • Resource redistribution with the NPC merchant
  • Set up and manage trade routes
  • Overview of merchant movements


You can trade resources with other players at the Marketplace. The higher its level, the more resources can be transported by your merchants at the same time.

Send resources

Send resource window in the marketplace

How can I send resources to other players?

For that, you first need to have merchants available to make the trade.

An overview shows you how many merchants you can use right now and how many are already on the way or reserved because they are selling resources. In the screenshot, you can see that 20 merchants are available in the Marketplace.

When you have enough merchants, you can decide how much and which resources you want to send to another player. And finally, to be able to send out the merchants, you'll need to select which village they should travel to. 

Nice to know: What does the UI tell me in this window?

For each resource, the current amount in the village is displayed on the left and indicated in the scale as the thick green line. On the other hand, the thick grey line shows you the maximum amount of resources your merchants could transport.

As for the separator lines, each line is equivalent to one merchant. The bolder line shows you the maximum number of merchants you can use. 

I can't send resources to other players. Why not?

Sending resources is basically a resource gift to another player. To avoid resource exploits, the send function is disabled in the first seven days after you start playing in a game world. If you still want to send resources to other players, you'll have to offer them a trade.

Is it possible to send resources to my own villages?

Tagert village search field in the marketplaceYes, that's always possible. As soon as you have two villages, you'll see a list button in the target village. Clicking on it will show you a list of your villages. That way, you can directly select the village without needing to type the village name. 

What does the number next to the target village mean?

The number shows you how many repetitions the merchants will do. By default, it's always one. If you want to continuously send resources to a village and you want to do that as soon as the merchants are back home, you can add a repetition using the buttons. 

To increase the repetitions, you need to unlock the buttons. The first repetition costs you 50 Gold and the second one 25 Gold.

Buy resources

Buy window in the marketplace

How can I buy resources from other players?

To buy resources from other players, you'll need to use the Buy tab in the Marketplace. There you'll see all the offers currently available.

How can I search for a specific offer?

To filter the offers so that they fit your needs, you can select what resource you are searching for by clicking on the corresponding button. The same also works for what you want to offer.

If you only want to see 1:1 offers, then select that in the filters. These 1:1 offers also include better offer rates for you, such as 0.8 or the minimum rate of 0.5. By default, you'll always see the 1:x rate so that you can see all the current offers. 

What should I consider when accepting offers?

Once you accept an offer, it's accepted immediately, and the trade can't be cancelled. To avoid a bad trade, bear in mind the time the merchants will need to travel and make sure that you'll have enough space to store the resources at the relevant time. 

Also, the offers are sorted by time, so you might want to check the pages to see the rates of the offers. You might find an offer that has a more suitable rate for you. 

Sell resources

How can I submit offers in the Marketplace?

To sell resources, you'll have to open the Sell tab in the Marketplace. Here you can place your own offers and wait for them to be accepted by other players. 

To make an offer, select what you want to sell as well as the quantity, and then what you want in return, including how much. By adding these values, you'll see what the rate is and how many of your merchants will be needed for this offer.

Note: The highest rate you can make on offers is 2:1, and the lowest is 1:2.

When you're satisfied with the offer, click on the "Sell" button, and the offer will go public as soon as the merchants have organized themselves. 

What happens with my offered resources?

When you place a sell offer, the offered resources are removed from the Warehouse/Granary and are placed in the Marketplace. Resources in the Marketplace are also protected from raids or attacks from other players.

Why are my offers not displayed to other players right away?

When you make an offer, the merchants need to organize themselves. So, the offer will only be visible to other players after an hour at the latest. 

Is it possible to limit the offer?

Yes, you can limit an offer by duration or by kingdom membership. 

Time limit: If you don't want your merchant(s) to be out for too long, you should set the maximum time of transport. The time here is indicated in hours, so if you enter the value 5, then only players whose merchants will need less than five hours will be able to accept your offer. 

You can check the time limit you set for your offers in the list by checking the entries in the duration column. 

Kingdom membership: If you only want kingdom members to be able to buy your offer, you'll need to check that option. Only kingdom members will therefore see your offer in the Marketplace. Offers limited in this way are shown with a "Yes" in the kingdom column.

Note: This limitation is only possible if you have played for at least seven days in this game world! 

Is it possible to cancel an offer?

Yes, you can cancel an offer at any time if it hasn't been accepted by another player. To do that, click on the trash bin icon. By cancelling the offer, the resources you offered are placed back in your Warehouse/Granary, and the reserved merchant will be available again. This means that you should make sure that you have space for the resources before you cancel an offer!

Another player accepted my offer. What happens now?

When an offer is accepted, merchants from both sides will start to transport the goods. The speed and amount the merchants can carry vary by tribe:

  • A Gaul merchant can carry 750* units of resources and can travel 24 fields per hour.
  • A Roman merchant can carry 500* units of resources and can travel 16 fields per hour.
  • A Teuton merchant can carry 1000* units of resources and can travel 12 fields per hour.

* The number applies to villages that don't have a Trade Office since this building increases the merchants' carrying capacity.

Using the marketplace during vacation mode

While you have vacation mode enabled, the following restrictions apply to the marketplace:

  • Sending resources to other players' villages is disabled
  • Receiving resources from other players' villages is disabled
  • Buying and selling resources on the marketplace are disabled

Trade routes and resources from stolen goods are unaffected.

Resource redistribution with the NPC merchant

NPC merchant window in the marketplace

How can I redistribute my resources in storage?

When you need a specific resource type and don't want to wait for trades or other sources of resources, you can use the NPC merchant. The NPC merchant can instantly trade resources at a 1:1 ratio and balance out your resources. For this, a fee of 5 Gold is needed.


You have 100 wood, 690 clay, 700 iron, and 1500 crop. You want to build a Treasury which needs 720 wood, 685 clay, 645 iron, and 250 crop. As you can see, you don't have enough wood to build the Treasury. Using the NPC merchant, you can trade 620 wood for 620 crop. 

Where can I find the NPC merchant?

Exchange resources automatically

If you want to use the NPC merchant to build a building or train troops, you can simply go to the item you want to build, select it and click on "Exchange resources automatically for 5 Gold" (this option is only shown when you have enough resources). The resources will then be redistributed automatically.

Manually adjust resource exchangeIf you still want to do it manually but with the required resource ratio, you can also use the "Manually adjusted resource exchange" button shown above the automatic button.

NPC trader in the barracksWhen training troops, the NPC merchant button will show you a preview of how much more troops you'll be able to train if you use the NPC merchant. Unlike with buildings, an automatic exchange won't happen, but the merchant is still highly effective as the merchant will use the appropriate resource ratio. You can simply adapt it to have the best result.

Locks on the resources for the NPC merchantWhat are the locks for with the NPC merchant?

You can use the locks to keep the value of one or two resources fixed. This way, you can use the remaining sliders, and the exchange will only take into account the resources that aren't locked. 

Managing trade routes

Trade route setup windowHow do I set up a trade route?
To set up a trade route, you'll need to have bought the "Travian Plus" premium package. When you have this package, you can set up a new trade route to one of your own villages or wonder of the worlds. 

When setting up a trade route, you can define what resources and how many are sent. Just like when sending resources, you'll see how many merchants are required, and you can select one of your villages using the list button and set up the repetitions. 

Trade route scheduler in the marketplaceWhat does the merchant schedule do?

With the merchant schedule, you can define the time when the merchants should start sending the resources. By clicking on the "+" button, you can add a new timer for the merchants. There is no "+" button for this in the app, but there you can select the time right away by tapping on the hour. This timer considers how long the route of the merchant is and adjusts the intervals accordingly. You can add as many timers as you want in the 24 hours of the merchant schedule. The merchants will then start their trade at the defined time, even if you're offline. 

Trade route window in the marketplaceI set up a trade route. What happens now?

You can either create additional trade routes or edit the existing trade route. 

For existing trade routes, you can pause the schedule if you need to give the merchants a break from those routes. 

You can edit the number of resources and much more by clicking on the edit button, or you can delete the trade route using the trash bin button. 

Overview of merchant movements

Merchants window in the marketplace

What is the "Merchants" tab for in the Marketplace?

Here you can see all the movements of your merchants and gain an overview of what's happening. 

Instant delivery in the merchants window in the marketplace

You can see where your merchants are going, what they're carrying, and how long it will take until they reach their destination. The same information is displayed for merchants from other players that are sent to you and for your returning merchants. The returning merchants also show you what you sent.

This is also the place to go when you want to instantly finish a trade movement to one of our own villages.

Building time and resources of the Marketplace

Here you have an overview of the resources required by the building level, the construction time, as well as other values such as how much population you gain per level, the culture points, and the number of merchants you have for the Marketplace level.

LevelWood Clay Iron Crop tiki-download_file.php?fileId=841PopulationPopulation(Total)Culture pointsMerchants

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