Healing Tent

Base requirements

Main buildingLevel 10
AcademyLevel 15

Construction (level 1)

Wood 900
Clay 800
Iron 750
Crop 650


Wounded infantry and cavalry can be healed in the healing tent. Higher levels reduce healing time and increase the capacity of wounded troops. Multiple healing tents can be built in one village. 

How are troops wounded?

If a healing tent exists in the connected village, 40% of eligible troops defeated in attacks, raids, sieges, reinforcements or scouting missions become wounded. 

How do troops arrive in the healing tent?

Wounded troops will return to the healing tent of the connected village as a separate troop movement. The movement speed of wounded troops is not affected by hero equipment but is increased with troop speed on speed game worlds as normal.

Which units are eligible?

Only units that can be trained from a (Great) Barracks or a (Great) Stable are eligible to become wounded. All other units are defeated as normal. This means that the following cannot be wounded:

  • Hero
  • Rams
  • Catapults
  • Settlers
  • Chieftains
  • Animals
  • Disbanded trapped units
  • Troops that require academy research to be trained, but have not been researched yet

Healing troops

Troops can be healed at 50% of what they originally cost in a Barracks or a Stable. Troops from a Great Barracks or Great Stable are treated as if they were from a normal Barracks or Stable for all Healing Tent purposes.

The healing time is also identical to that of a Barracks/Stable of the same level as the highest level healing tent. There is only one healing queue, shared by all healing tents.

The healing times with a level 20 Healing Tent are equal to the training times of a level 20 Barracks or Stable. 

What affects troop healing time?

Troop healing time is affected by: 

  • Healing Tent level (the highest level Healing Tent in the village determines the shared healing queue times)
  • Cavalry/Infantry helmets worn by the Hero
  • Game world speed
  • Horse Drinking Trough (Roman unique building)

Troop healing speed is not affected by the vacation boost. Additional Healing Tents do not reduce healing times.

How do I use the "Heal all"-button?

Only when you have enough resources to heal all stored wounded troops can the "Heal all"-button be used. This will instantly add all stored wounded troops to the healing queue.


Troops stored and troops currently in the healing queue take up capacity, limiting how many troops can be in the healing tent at once.

The healing tent in this example is on a default 1x speed game world.

How can I increase capacity?

Upgrading the Healing Tent increases the capacity of wounded troops. Multiple Healing Tents can be built when another Healing Tent is level 20 to further increase capacity. The Travian Plus feature increases capacity by an additional 25%. 

What happens when capacity is full?
If the Healing Tent has free capacity when wounded troops return to the village, the troops are stored and can be healed. If there is not enough capacity, the remaining wounded troops are lost. 

What happens if capacity is reduced?
If a Healing Tent has its capacity reduced, for example, because of a lowered building level due to catapults, then the number of stored troops and troops being healed is reduced by the capacity lost. Stored troops (e.g. troops not currently being healed) are removed first.

What happens if all healing tents are destroyed or the village is conquered?
If all healing tents in a village are destroyed or the village is conquered, all troops (stored or being healed) are lost. No resources for the troops are refunded.

Do troops in the healing tent consume crops?

Troops being healed don't consume crops.

Stored troops in the healing tent and returning wounded troops:

  • Consume crops at a 50% reduced rate
  • Can die of starvation

The crop consumption of these troops can be reduced by the Roman "Horse Drinking Trough"-building, but is not reduced by being connected to a Wonder of the World village.

Accessing the Healing Tent

Clicking any Healing Tent building will open the shared healing queue for that village. Additionally, you can open the highest level Healing Tent of your selected village through a button in the upper left corner. 

This button has three states:

  • Gray: Healing Tent not constructed
  • White: Healing Tent constructed, no troops being healed
  • Green: Healing Tent constructed, troops being healed

When the button is green, you can hover over it for additional information on the healing queue of the current village:

Building time, capacity and resources

Below is an overview of the resources required by the building level, the construction time, as well as other values such as how much population you gain per level, the culture points, and the capacity you have for the healing tent level. All values are for default speed, without any boosts such as Travian Plus. 

LevelWood Clay Iron Crop tiki-download_file.php?fileId=841CapacityPopulationPopulation(Total)Culture points
1110 62594458855767508:35:007903245
1213 60012 09011 335982510:05:0010003276
1317 41015 47514 50512 57511:50:0012003307
1422 28519 80518 57016 09513:20:0015003338
1528 52025 35523 77020 60015:30:00180033611
1636 51032 45030 42526 36517:15:00220033912
1746 73041 54038 94033 75020:00:00270034215
1859 81553 17049 84543 20023:35:00340034517
1976 56568 05563 80555 29527:10:00420034822
2098 00087 11081 67070 78030:45:00510035125

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