Healing Tent

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Wounded infantry and cavalry can be healed in the healing tent. Higher levels reduce healing time and increase the capacity of wounded troops. Multiple healing tents can be built in one village.

Overview Healing Troops CapacityHealing StatusCosts
How are troops wounded?

If a healing tent exists in the connected village, 40% of eligible troops defeated in attacks, raids, sieges, reinforcements or scouting missions become wounded.

How do troops arrive in the healing tent?

Wounded troops will return to the healing tent of the connected village as a separate troop movement. The movement speed of wounded troops is not affected by hero equipment but is increased with troop speed on speed game worlds as normal.

Which units are eligible?

Only units that can be trained from a (Great) Barracks or a (Great) Stable are eligible to become wounded. All other units are defeated as normal. This means that the following cannot be wounded:

  • Hero
  • Rams
  • Catapults
  • Settlers
  • Chieftains
  • Animals
  • Disbanded trapped units
  • Troops that require academy research to be trained, but have not been researched yet

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