Building Queue

Village development is the key to success in Travian Kingdoms. And as you'd expect, there's no development without construction. To build, all you need are the required resources, a free site (or a building to be developed) and available workers... Then just click and wait.

At the bottom of your screen, you can see the Building queue. It reads from left to right; this means that constructions displayed on the left will be the first to be completed.

  • Under construction: Here you can see the ongoing building work.
  • Available slot: Here, the next pending construction appears, automatically starting when the "Under construction" slot is free, and the building conditions will be met.
  • Locked Slots: They are not available at the beginning of the round but can be unlocked for gold and provide a larger queue. When you activate a slot, it becomes active for the whole round and all your villages.
  • Deconstructions will appear on the very left side of the building queue

Here is an example of the building queue in use:

You can see from left to right :

  • Rubble deconstruction
  • a new construction: Hidden treasury to lvl 1
  • a queued construction: Residence to lvl 2
  • a queued construction: Barracks to lvl 2
  • a queued construction: Main building to lvl 11
  • a locked slot

By hovering over the slots in the queue, you'll see each construction's expected waiting time and construction time. You can queue buildings even if you don't have enough resources for them (as in the case of the Main Building above). The level indicator is then yellow. Construction can only start when the requirements are met.

When the conditions are met for a later planned construction, the workers don't wait and change the order to start work on the first feasible construction. In the example above, the barracks were added to the queue in last position, but as resources were available for the barracks and not for the Main building, the Architect switched the slots.

If you don't want this to happen and your resources to be used for anything other than this construction, you can "reserve the resources" for this specific construction.


If you change your mind, you can cancel a construction in the queue. To do so, select the desired building slot and click on the red cross next to the building image.


Due to the tribe bonus, the Romans have one slot for buildings and a separate one for resource fields in the "Under construction" area: 

Instant completion:  You can use the "Instant construction" feature from the "Under construction" slot. All constructions with a remaining duration of less than 5 minutes can be immediately finished for free. For longer endeavors, the price depends on the time remaining. To do so, select the "Under construction" slot and click on the button.

NPC: You can use the "NPC exchange" feature from the other slots in the building queue. To do so, select the desired building slot and click on the NPC button.

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