In Travian Kingdoms, the round ends when a Wonder of the world reaches level 100.

The winning kingdom is determined by victory points (VP).

When the game world is finished, all actions are stopped and a popup message appears announcing the end of the round and the name of the winner.

Clicking on this window takes you to the game world statistics, where you can see different rankings:

  • Wonder of the world
  • Victory Points
  • Kingdoms
  • Players
  • Prestige

Bonus Calculation

A percentage bonus of victory points is is awarded according to the ranking of the Wonder(s) of the world owned by the kingdom. 

WW RankBonus

If two Wonders of the world have the same level, closest one to the next level is considered first.

Bonuses are cumulative in cas a kingdom has multiple Wonders of the world.

Here's an example of the calculation:

VP without BonusWonder of the World% BonusBonus Victory PointsTotal Victory Points
1.000.000Rank 233%330.0001.330.000
1.000.000Rank 2 and 333% + 25% = 58%580.0001.580.000

See also: Victory Points

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