Victory points

In Travian Kingdoms, the round ends when a Wonder of the world reaches level 100.

But the winning kingdom is determined by victory points (VP).

VP generation:

Every day, every kingdom gets victory points based on the number of its active treasures. Each active treasure usually generates exactly one victory point each day. 

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • If the holder of an active treasury was in vacation mode the previous day, his treasures produce proportionately less victory points.
  • If governors are in vacation mode, their kingdom gets a malus onto the victory point production. 


  • Treasures do not disappear after generating victory points.
  • Treasures always generate the same amount of victory points, no matter when they were activated / conquered. 
  • Banned players do not affect the victory point production at all.

VP losses:

There are three ways to destroy victory points:

  • At the time of a Kingdoms Union, the victory points of the kingdom with less victory points are lost.
  • When a kingdom dissolves, its victory points are lost.
  • Forcefully kicking a duke, that has active treasures, will destroy 10 victory points per active treasure of him. This is to prevent kicking dukes to save victory points from getting stolen. 

VP theft:

It is possible to steal victory points of another kingdom. To do so, the following conditions must be met:

  • The defender must be a king (vice king) or a duke.
  • Attacker and defender must be part of different kingdoms (players without a kingdom can't steal victory points).
  • The kingdom of the attacker must have less victory points than the kingdom of the defender.

If the above conditions are met, victory points will be stolen following these rules:

  • The attacker will gain 10 victory points per stolen treasure.
  • 25 victory points are stolen per treasure If the defending kingdom is rank 1 in victory points,
  • Gain may not reverse the VP rankings of the attacking and defending kingdoms. In this case, the gain is stopped when both kingdoms have the same number of VPs.
  • VP gain is slightly reduced for each level of the first Wonder of the World (regardless of the Wonder of the World's kingdom).

End of game bonus:

At the end of the gameworld, a percentage bonus of victory points is is awarded according to the ranking of the Wonder(s) of the world owned by the kingdom. 

In short:

  • VPs are generated from active treasures
  • VPs can be stolen in attacks (and sieges). 
  • At the end of the gameworld, the Wonders of the world grant bonus victory points for the kingdom of its builder, depending on its ranking

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