Beginners Protection

To settle successfully in the world of Travian Kingdoms requires some planning.

To help with this, players are offered a quiet period during the first few hours of the round. This is called Beginner Protection.

During this period, other players cannot attack your village. We recommend you take advantage of it!

The duration of Beginners Protection depends on the speed of the game world.

Server Speed
Length of Beginners Protection
X1 Speed
7 Days
X3 Speed
4 Days
X5 Speed
3 Days


During Beginners Protection, a small icon stays visible in the lower left corner of your screen. Hover over the icon with your cursor to see the remaining protection time.

BP Remaining

Inactive Players

If a player becomes inactive during the Beginners Protection period, their protection will be removed. This happens after 3 days for players with a population of less than 100.

Attacks during Beginners Protection

Robbers have no respect for anything... not even Beginner Protection!

Robber Hideouts (for Governors only) and Robber Camps (available to all Kingdom members) appear on the map occasionally. They must be destroyed quickly because they will attack you after a while if you don't clear them in time.

Don't worry about this too much, as at the beginning of the game world, the robbers are quite weak and will not cause you any real damage.

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