A king can invite active and neutral governors to resettle into their kingdom by placing a Menhir on a free field on the map. A Menhir can be placed on free fields inside the kingdom, except on:

  • 15 or 9-cropper fields
  • Fields covered by mist


Governors can accept a relocation invitation if:

  • The governor has only one village
  • The governor is neutral. They aren't part of any kingdom
  • The governor wasn't part of the inviting kingdom or confederacy in the last three days
  • The governor’s village isn't within the borders of the inviting kingdom
  • The governor is not about to go on vacation/is currently not in vacation mode
  • The overall crop consumption of all the governor's troops (including troops in villages of other players) is below 2000*

Game world:

Relocation invitations can be sent by kings if all Wonders of the World are below level 50.

Relocation Invites The Menhir Relocation EventRelocation FAQ

Relocation invitation for the king

You can find the button on the map. Make sure that you have empty fields inside your kingdom's borders. When you click on an empty field, the circular menu will appear displaying the invitation button. Now click on the crown icon.

Invite a governor to relocate

After you have clicked on the crown button in the map's circular menu, the invitation window will appear. There you can see the resource split of the field you have selected. To invite a governor, you need to search for the player in the second part of the screen. Select the governor and send the invitation. A Menhir will be placed on the field you offered for relocation.

Why is it sometimes not possible to send an invitation to a governor?

Governors are bound to some conditions in order to accept your invitation. If they don't already meet these conditions at the time you want to invite them, the system will not allow the invitation to be sent.

The reasons are shown as a warning message in the invitation window. Here's a list of reasons why an invitation can't be sent:

  • A Wonder of the World has reached level 50
  • The governor has more than one village
  • The governor is on vacation or about to go on vacation
  • The governor is already part of another kingdom
  • The governor is inactive
  • The governor has already been invited
  • A village of the governor is already inside your kingdom border

The invitation to relocate can be found, just like a kingdom invitation, in the embassy or in the communities' window. You also receive an invitation notification that will open the invitation if you click on it. The invitation will show you all the details, such as the location you can relocate to. It's up to you whether you accept it or not.

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