Requirements (Base)


A king can invite active and neutral governors to resettle into their kingdom by placing a Menhir on a free field on the map. A Menhir can be placed on free fields inside the kingdom, except on:


Governors can accept a relocation invitation if:

Game world: 

Relocation invitations can be sent by kings if the Wonder of the World level is below 50.

Function Overview


Relocation invitation – for the king

Relocation invitation button in the circular menu on the mapWhere can I find the relocation invitation button?

You can find the button on the map. Make sure that you have empty fields inside your kingdom borders. When you click on an empty field, the circular menu will appear displaying the invitation button. Now click on the crown icon.

Invite player to relocate windowHow do I invite a governor to relocate to my kingdom?

After you have clicked on the crown button in the map's circular menu, the invitation window will appear. There you can see the resource split of the field you have selected. To invite a governor, you need to search for the player in the second part of the screen. Select the governor and send the invitation. A Menhir will be placed on the field you offered for relocation.

Why is it sometimes not possible to send the invitation to a governor?

Governors are bound to some conditions in order to accept your invitation. If they don't already meet these conditions at the time you want to invite them, the system will not allow the invitation to be sent.

The reasons are shown as a warning message in the invitation window. Here's a list of reasons why an invitation can't be sent:

  • A Wonder of the World has reached level 50
  • The governor has more than one settlement
  • The governor is already part of another kingdom
  • The governor is inactive
  • The governor has already been invited
  • A village of the governor is already inside your kingdom border

What is the Menhir?

MenhirA Menhir marks out fields that are reserved for governors, so they can relocate to those fields. The Menhir is visible to all players in the game world. This means anyone can check who might relocate to the field. In addition, settlers can't build a new village on fields that contain a Menhir.

What happens to my settlers if they are sent to a Menhir?

If a Menhir is placed after you've already sent out your settlers, they will return to their village after arriving at the Menhir’s location.

Menhir WindowHow can I cancel the relocation invitation?

To cancel the invitation, you need to open the detailed view of the Menhir on the map. To do that, click on the Menhir you want to remove and then on the magnifying glasses in the middle of the circular menu. You can cancel the invitation here. That will remove the Menhir on the field and withdraw the invitation.

How many relocation invitations can I send?

You can send as many invitations as you want and as many as your kingdom allows. 

The first restriction is that you're only allowed to have three pending relocation invitations at a time. So, make sure the invitations are accepted as soon as possible if you want to send new invitations. And the second restriction is the size of your kingdom and the empty fields it contains. If you want to invite more governors to your kingdom, you need to make sure your kingdom expands and has free spots to offer.

Why has my invitation been removed?

Whenever the conditions for relocation are no longer met for your kingdom, the pending invitations will be removed. This would happen if:

  • A Wonder of the World has reached level 50
  • Your kingdom border has changed, and the Menhir is no longer inside the borders
  • Your kingdom has been deleted
  • The invited governor has settled a new village
  • The invited governor has become inactive
  • The invited governor has joined another kingdom
  • The invited governor has declined your invitation

What happens when a governor accepts my invitation?

If a governor accepts the relocation invitation, the relocation will be initiated. The governor’s village will replace the Menhir on the map, and the governor will now be part of your kingdom. For more details on what happens for the governor, read here: What happens to my village when a relocation invitation is accepted?

Relocation invitation - for the governor

Where can I find the relocation invitation I received from a king?

Relocation invitation in the communites window

The invitation to relocate can be found, just like a kingdom invitation, in the embassy or in the communities' window. You also receive an invitation notification that will open the invitation if you click on it. The invitation will show you all the details, such as the location you can relocate to. It's up to you whether you accept it or not.

Relocation event

What happens to my village when a relocation invitation is accepted?

When you accept the invitation, your village will move to the designated location and replace the Menhir that was placed on the map. You'll also join the kingdom that invited you.

Your village will keep all its buildings when you relocate.

Large clay pliesMedium crop pliesSmall iron pileLarge wood plies

Only your resource fields will not be relocated, as the new location could have a different resource split compared to your old location. So, all the resource fields currently in the building queue will be cancelled. As compensation for the resources you invested in developing your resource fields, you'll be refunded around the amount of these resources as resource piles in your inventory. You can use these resources to build up the resources in your new location.

Remember to pay attention to your crop consumption. Since the crop fields will be destroyed, you may end up with a negative crop consumption depending on your troop size. Make sure you have enough crop supply for your troops when you relocate. Otherwise, you'll lose units. And build up your crop fields in the new location as soon as possible. 

Use plie of icon windowHow can I use the piles of resources?

After relocation, you'll receive piles of resources depending on the number of resources you invested in upgrading the resource fields. Depending on the amount, you'll find small, medium or large piles in your inventory. You can either consume a pile right away, or you can manage them. You can split big piles into smaller ones or merge them into a bigger pile, as you wish, with no loss of value.

What happens to my troops when a relocation invitation is accepted?

Some of your troops need to adjust their movements when you relocate. Let's have a look at what your troops will do:

  • Your traders will keep doing their trades.
  • Tributes or stolen goods deliveries will be kept.
  • If you have sent your hero on an adventure, they will continue with the adventure.
  • Returning troops, as well as healed troops, still know how to come back and will continue on their way.
  • The troops garrisoned at home will stay in the village. This also includes the troops you've captured.  

I've caught animals in my village. Will they also relocate?

Yes, captured animals are just like your own troops. They'll stay with you when you relocate and continue to defend your village.

I have a city. What happens when I relocate?

For a city, the same rules apply as for a village. All the buildings will be relocated but not the resource fields. As the resource fields are destroyed, the population they added to your city or village will be deducted. Make sure that the population you'll lose with the destroyed resource fields will not reduce your total population to below 1000. If it drops below that number, your city will be degraded back to a village after the relocation, as the conditions for a city will no longer be met.

Relocation ReportWhat does this relocation report show me?

After you've successfully relocated your village, you'll get a report. The report will show you from where you relocated and how many resource piles you received from the relocation.

If you have any issues with relocation, for example, you didn't get the correct number of resource piles, share this report with the Support Team. They can then investigate the case better, as they'll have the critical information they need.