In Travian Kingdoms, you choose the tribe you want to play with. It's the first important decision you'll have to make when you arrive in a game world.

Each tribe has specific attributes, advantages and disadvantages that you'll need to take into account in your strategy.

Overview Gauls RomansTeutons

Merchant speedHigh (24 fields/h)Medium (16 fields/h)Low (12 fields/h)
Merchant capacityMedium (750)Low (500)High (1000)
Troop speedFastMediumSlow
Troop costMediumHighLow
Troop trainingMediumSlowFast
WallAverage defenseHigh defenseLow defense
Special benefitsCranny capacity x2,
Extra construction slot,
Horse drinking trough
Special hero benefits+5 fields/h for mounted hero+ 25% strength per hero skill point20% cranny dip if hero is part of attack 
DisadvantagesExpensive siegeSlow and expensive troopsHigh crop consumption


It is not possible to change tribe during a round. If you prefer to play with another tribe, you can register a new avatar on another game world, or delete your current avatar before registering a new one on the same world.

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