Troop Research

At game start, you can only train your tribe's basic troops in your barracks. You'll soon want a faster and/or more powerful army.

To be able to train stronger units, you will need to do research in your academy. The more this building is upgraded, the more you will have access to advanced research.

The Tables below list all resources and time needed to research troops in the Academy for each tribe.

Research must be completed before you are able to train unit In the dedicated building.

Research costs resources (wood / clay / iron) and time.


- Once all the desired searches have been completed, the academy can be destroyed: you keep the benefit of the searches already carried out in the village.
- When a village is conquered, even by its owner, all searches already done are lost.

Romans Teutons Gauls
UnitResearch TimeTrained in
No research needed
Equites Legati70066028000:32:40Stable
Equites Imperatoris27401420196000:54:00Stable
Equites Caesaris23201900580001:08:40Stable
Battering Ram4300820340001:26:40Workshop
Fire Catapult42404100340002:40:00Workshop
Senator15880138003640002:15:58Palace / Residence
No research needed
Palace / Residence

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