When can I transfer my Gold?

There are two ways to transfer Gold:

- The game world has ended

- You deleted your avatar on a game world

When that is matched you remaining Gold will be automatically transferred to the Lobby. Gold will not be transferred if the avatar is banned!

What Gold can be transferred?

Only Gold that you have purchased can be transferred. Hence Gold that is already transferred once, can be transferred again. Gold that you obtained any other way (from tasks, exchanging with Silver etc.) is not transferable.

You can only transfer remaining Gold.

Where can I transfer my Gold to?

You can transfer your Gold to every game world you have an avatar on. That avatar must not be banned, in the tutorial or in deletion.

Please note, that Gold bought on a Travian Kingdom world, is only valid for Travian Kingdom worlds. So Gold from Travian: Legends isn’t transferable to Travian Kingdoms and vice versa. Also you can’t transfer Gold from one account to another one (that means duals can’t transfer Gold to each other). 

Why is there a flag next to the Gold shown in the lobby?

Gold is only transferable between game worlds of countries with the same Gold prices (e.g. the domains “COM” and “DE” have the same Gold prices. The “RU” domain however not.)

That means that Gold from RU or TR game worlds can only be transferred to other RU or TR game worlds. This is visualized by the flags, which show you to which game world you can transfer the Gold.

International Gold (shown with the international flag) can be transferred to any game world.

How can I transfer my Gold?

Once your Gold is transferred to the Lobby you can see it in the game world overview.

Simply choose the game world you want to use the Gold on and click "Transfer to game world". Keep in mind that you cannot split the Gold and that the transfer can't be undone. The complete amount will be transferred to the selected game world.