How to get Gold

Gold can be won

When you start the game, you receive 40 free "start-up" Gold.

- Using the "Invite a friend" feature.

- As a reward in Card Game.

- Sometimes, we offer a few golds as a reward for playing mini-games on the forums or on social networks, or as a thank you when you complete some special surveys.

- When you win a voucher, open the page "Buy Gold" and you will find the link : "Redeem a voucher" at the bottom left of the page.

Gold can be exchanged

In the Exchange Office, you can exchange Silvers to Golds and vice versa. 

It costs 200 Silver for 1 Gold

Pay attention: the reverse operation costs 1 Gold for 100 Silver.

Gold can be purchased

Click on the Gold button at the top of the page , then choose "Buy Gold" to open the Gold Shop : you will see the different packages available, as well as the possible payment methods ( Credit card, mobile, internet). Follow the instructions step by step.


  • The gold prices might be different in the App due to fees charged by the app providers.
  • Unused purchased Gold can be transferred at the end of the round. in TR and RU bought Gold is only transferable within TR and RU game worlds.
  • See also : How can I transfer my Gold to another game world?

Special offer

On a regular basis, we run promotions on purchases. For a specific period,The packs contain a certain amount of extra gold for the same base price. It's the ideal moment to constitute a stock (the bought gold is not lost if it is not used, it can be transferred at the end of the game)

A special offer is announced on the forum and social media, but also in game with a a notification icon and modified buttons:

The offer is valid only when the pack has a red label and displays the change in the amount of gold:

See also  : Gold features and  Great Deals 

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