Card Game

In Travian: Kingdoms, players can play a card game to earn valuable rewards. Once a day, a free attempt is offered; the rest of the time, the card game can be played for gold.

The card game is available in two modes:

Standard mode:
In standard mode, you blindly choose one of five cards
4 out of 5:
For four times the price, you can choose four out of five cards, and all cards will be revealed before you make your choice. This option is more favorable, as you can safely discard the unwanted card.

Prizes may be as follows:

Gold & Silver PremiumHero UpgradesResourcesSpecial

Chests with silver and gold can be won in the game. They do not appear in the hero's inventory. Gold and silver are immediately credited to the account. The amount of gold and silver you receive per chest may vary slightly.

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