Culture points

Culture points (CP) are a restriction that limits the number of villages you can settle or conquer. They enable expansion slots to be unlocked.

The number of Culture Points required for a village depends on the gameworld speed.

To settle a new village, you need to have enough Culture Points for the next village, both at the time when you send the settlers and at the time when arrive at their destination. Lower enemy village loyalty with administrators and conquering it also requires having enough Culture Points at the time of the battle.

At the start of the game, everyone gets a certain amount of CP, depending on gameworld speed and version.

Culture points are not consumable: their number can only increase, and you cannot lose the ones you already have.

The current number of Culture Points and how many you produce per day can be looked up in the Palace or Residence.

How to understand the Culture points Tab?

In this example:

  • I have two villages and no city.
  • I currently have 3098 CP.
  • I produce 162 CP/day in my active village and 60/day in others, so 222/day in total.
  • I don't have a CP production bonus (from Hero)
  • I'll need to reach 5000 CP to settle or conquer a 3rd village. (estimation indicates this should be possible in 9 days with my current CP production).

How to get more CP?

Increase CPs production

Your buildings constantly produce a quantity of CPs. The more buildings you own and the more developed they are, the more they produce.

Some helmets increase CPs production only when your hero is equipped with them. (Helmet of the Gladiator / the Tribune / the Consul).

You can obtain 500 additional culture points/day if your capital is a city. Other villages raised to a city generate an additional 200 culture points daily.

Additional Culture Points 

CPs can be obtained from Artwork found on adventures or bought at the auction house. 

CPs can be obtained by holding celebrations in the town hall. 

  • A small celebration grants up to 500 culture points.
  • A great celebration grants the account-production of culture points up to 2000.

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