Map and Markers

A winning strategy often depends on analyzing the situation. The game world map is rich in valuable and sometimes vital information that could be decisive for the result of your campaign.

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The map allows you to see the situation of the game world and other information. The size of the map adapts to the expansion of the game world

  • The map expands by players settling new villages or new players joining the game world
  • When there are too few tiles left, the map expands 10 tiles in each direction

You can see the world map by clicking this button in the top menu bar.

Some map-specific icons appear on the left side of your screen:

Zoom (in / out): Three levels of zoom allow you to access different types of information and select a more or less important region of interest depending on your current needs.

Filters: These filters allow you to show or hide certain information. The filters differ depending on the zoom level (see screens below).

The last two buttons allow you to quickly center the map on a particular location and your active village.

Once you have chosen the zoom level, use the filters to display the information you require:

Zoom Level One

Allows you to see the overall situation within the region (population density and conflict areas) and find the locations of treasures and croplands in the selected area.

Zoom Level Two

Allows you to get more detailed information, such as seeing the borders of kingdoms, oases, and capitals, as well as displaying your markers, messages from the game, and other players. Filters allow you to hide or show the details to make it easier to read.

Zoom Level Three

This is the most detailed zoom level, which allows you to focus on your immediate neighborhood.


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