Robbers camps and Hideouts

You're not alone in your quest for the resources of the Travian Kingdoms world. Robbers lurk and regularly establish hideouts and camps close to your villages.      

Governors and Dukes can receive stolen goods from defeating robber hideouts and camps. If a King or Vice-King attacks a Robber Camp, the stolen goods will automatically convert to treasures upon arrival in the village that attacked.

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Robber Hideouts (Governors and Dukes): Robber Camps (Kingdoms):

Robber Hideouts are only visible to a specific player and are not visible to the rest of the Kingdom. If you do not attack and clear these hideouts within a certain time the Robbers will get brave and begin to send attacks on your village. If you are able to attack and defeat the Robber before their attack lands, their attack will be canceled. 

Robber Hideouts are protected by troops and store stolen goods and resources. The troops and resource amount depends on a variety of things, such as, offensive strength of the player, resource production and population size. As your account grows, so do the Robber Hideouts.

When they enter the game, a Governor may see Robber Hideout I and Robber Hideout II. The frequency and size of a Hideout will change with time. 

At the start of a gameworld Robber Hideouts will appear more frequently, but they will be relatively small in size. As the gameworld progresses, the size of the Hideouts will increase, but the frequency of their appearance will decrease.

Once you've killed all the troops and collected all the resources, the Robber Hideout disappears. A new one will soon appear!

The table below shows the average frequency of hideouts depending on the speed of the game world and your arrival:

DaysGameworld Speed X1Gameworld Speed X3
1 to 142.4 hideouts per day 3.3 hideouts per day
15 to 491.5 hideouts per day2.1 hideouts per day
50 to end1 hideout per day1.4 hideouts per day


The Horn of Natars attack bonus works on Robber Hideouts. Robber Hideouts will spawn x2 slower for Dukes.

You can Siege Robber Hideouts to reduce losses in your army. Robber Hideout troops only grant ½ of the attack points when defeated.  

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