Tributes and Treasures, Stolen goods

Kings and Dukes receive tributes from governors in the form of resources and treasures (stolen goods that are sold by governors). 

Tributes and Treasures How to collect Stolen Goods

Tributes are automatically generated and stored in the tribute fund by all villages that are inside of a Kingdom's borders. They are produced on top of the normal production, so they will not reduce a governor’s normal production. The more resources a village produces, the higher the tributes will be.

King/Duke can collect a maximum of 20% of a village’s production per hour and the maximum amount of a tribute is determined by the size of the warehouse(s) in a specific village. 

Treasures are not limited. 

If you attack a Governor or Duke, the first resources that are taken are from the tribute fund. Once the tribute fund is emptied out, the resources that are in a warehouse (and not protected by a cranny) can be stolen. 

Treasures can also be stolen! In contrast to kings, all treasures from the tribute chest of governors are stolen with one attack.

If you attack a King, up to 33% of the treasures stored in the target village can be stolen (as long as the attacker has sent their hero with their troops). A treasure and stolen goods use up the carrying capacity of one resource respectively and they both are given priority over stealing resources.

A governor has no control over his tribute fund but can protect tributes against raids by building a “Hidden Treasury. They can also refuse the tribute collection, but it's a choice that can cause some tension with the king or the duke!

To do this, open tribute page and use the "switch" located to the right of the village concerned.

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