Kingdom Unions

Two neighbouring kingdoms may unite to form a larger and more powerful kingdom.

The two kings rule together. The king whose kingdom had the fewest victory points at the time of the union becomes vice-king.

Other members of the kingdoms keep their status of duke or governor.

Requirements How Does It Work? RolesPlus

Two kingdoms can unite if:

  1. Both kingdoms aren't already united.
  2. Both kingdoms have already existed for a period based on the speed of the world (1x: 30 days / 3x: 10 days / 5x: 6 days).
  3. Both capital villages of the kings have connected territories on the map.
  4. The Kingdom Unions feature is unlocked.

Two kingdoms are considered neighbouring if they share a continuous territory between both their king's capital cities (and do not only touch at a corner).

The union of the kingdoms is initiated by the request of one king and is enabled only when the other king agrees.

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