Kingdom Unions

What is it?

Two neighboring kingdoms may unite to form a larger and more powerful kingdom

The two kings rule together. The king whose kingdom had the fewest victory points at the time of the union becomes vice-king

Other members of the kingdoms keep their status of duke or governor.

What are the requirements?

Two kingdoms can unite if:

  • Both kingdoms aren't already united.
  • Both kingdoms have already existed for a period based on the speed of the world (1x: 30 days / 3x: 10 days / 5x: 6 days).
  • Both capital villages of the kings have connected territory on the map.
  • The Kingdom Unions feature is unlocked.

Two kingdoms are considered "neighboring" if they share a continuous territory between both their kings' capital cities (and do not only touch at a corner). 

The union of the kingdoms is initiated by the request of one king and enabled only when the other king agrees.

How does it work?

  • The two kingdoms become one and the kingdom with the higher position in the victory point ranking at the time of invitation is chosen. If the ranks are similar or missing, then whoever sends the invitation will become vice-king and have their kingdom dissolved (the invitation recipient then becomes king). 
  • Only the victory points of the greater kingdom remain. The second kingdom is then dissolved, along with any remaining assets, such as internal communications and victory points, but not treasures. The time stamp is when the invitation was sent and not when it was accepted.
  • All treasuries remain active.
  • The former king with the lowest number of victory points becomes the vice-king. 
  • Both the king and vice-king cannot abdicate Even if they both become inactive, they will not automatically abdicate. A kingdom union is a commitment for life (the life of a game round). If one of them is deleted, the second spot stays empty.
  • Both kings and their dukes are shown in the kingdom profile window.
  • Both kings can invite governors and promote dukes (4 dukes for a kingdom union, instead of 2).
  • Both kings can collect tributes.
  • Both kings are shown on the screen displayed at the end of the gameworld.
  • Hate status among the new kingdom members is dissolved, so no governor hates a king or vice-king after the union.


Can do
Can't do
Invite/kick governors
Promote new king
Promote/demote dukes
Kick or demote the vice-king

Delete avatar


Invite/kick governors
Invite governors with relocation
Promote/demote dukes
Kick or demote the king

Crown themselves king

Promote new vice-king


Invite/kick governors

Promote/demote dukes

Delete avatar


Notifications will appear when:  

  • The Kingdom Union feature is unlocked.
  • A kingdom union has taken place in your kingdom.
  • A king or vice-king is deleted, and their spot remains empty.

A kingdom union will get as many robber camps as a non-unified kingdom of the same size. When a king or vice-king attacks robber camps, the treasures obtained are immediately added to their treasury.

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