You can assume three different roles when playing Travian Kingdoms: king (or vice-king), duke and governor.


  1. Governor is the most common role in a game world. It's the perfect choice for beginners and players who want to be part of a kingdom and not have the added responsibility of leading.
  2. If you choose to be a governor and wish to become a king at a later time, you may do so after building your Embassy and selecting the round kingdom button.
  3. A governor can be part of a kingdom or not.
  4. Every governor can be promoted to Duke but requires a hidden treasury to become one. They do not have to be part of the kingdom.

Additional Vice-King Features

  • Robber hideouts will appear around your capital village every now and again. 
  • You can get stolen goods and resources from them. They are not visible to any other player.
  • Stolen goods can be sold to your king (or Bandit chef if you have no king), in exchange for resources.
  • As a governor, you can change your role and crown yourself to be a king and found your own kingdom. This can be done at any time in the Embassy. But keep in mind that you need to wait 24h before being able to abdicate.

The governor's role

The governor is to help the king and expand the kingdom by:

  • attacking robbers and selling stolen goods to his king, 
  • producing tributes that the king can collect, 
  • expanding his domain,
  • cooperating with the other kingdom's members,
  • taking part in the offensive and defensive actions of his kingdom.

Switching Kingdoms

  • When a foreign king exerts more influence on their village than their current king, that king can send an invitation to the governor. 
  • When a foreign king uses a menhir to invite the governor to relocate within his kingdom.
  • When a foreign king invites the governor to become the duke of his kingdom.

In order to change kingdoms, the governor needs to accept the invitation. However, if a governor has not logged into their account for three days, they are considered as inactive and will switch kingdoms automatically upon receiving the request to do so. 

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