You can assume three different roles when playing Travian Kingdoms: king (or vice-king), duke and governor.

Item Selection

  1. A duke is a governor who has been granted special privileges by a king.
  2. They help the king develop and protect the kingdom.
  3. A king can appoint two dukes (4 following a kingdoms union)
  4. Every governor can be promoted to Duke but requires a hidden treasury to become one. They do not have to be part of the kingdom

Treasures and Tributes

As a Duke, you have an option to convert one of your hidden treasuries into active state. By doing that, this village will generate influence the same way as kings’ villages do. 

The king and their dukes share information about troops in the villages, battle reports and the actual crop production.

A duke doesn't generate tributes for the king; they collects tributes and treasures to expand the kingdom. When a duke gets treasures from other players, these treasures will be stored in their own treasury and not added to the King's tributes.

Stolen goods sold by the duke are added to the own treasury as well. All the treasures from a duke are counted for the kingdom.

Additional Duke Features

A duke attacked by his king will not be kicked out of the kingdom (unlike other governors).

A duke can also crown himself to king. In this case:

  1. The treasury remains active
  2. The treasures stay in the treasury
  3. The player will lose his status as duke and become king
  4. The player will no longer be part of his kingdom

If the king abdicates, the greatest duke then becomes king. (after the Kingdoms Union, a king stays as king)

Being a Duke is an active role that requires a time commitment. Therefore, a duke cannot enable vacation mode.

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