The game doesn't stop, and whether you're online or offline, you need to be able to follow its evolution, as well as the results of your actions.

That's why all the events about your account, kingdom and secret societies are recorded and compiled as reports.

To help you keep track of how many and what types of events have taken place since your last check, an icon bar is shown at the bottom right of your screen.

By clicking on one of these icons, you'll see the reports for the chosen category.

You can also click directly on the reports icon on the far right to open the management page for all reports:


First, you can select the report category you are interested in: use the tabs to choose between Own, Kingdoms, secret sociƩties and Favorite tabs.


You can select the desired filters here. There are lots of them, allowing you to display only the results you're looking for.


There may be many reports; they are listed in chronological order, but you can view older reports by selecting one page or another.


In the centre of the window, your reports are displayed. 

Click on the desired report to view event details. You can hover over the icons for more information.

Here is an example of a combat report:

In this attack report, you can see details of the attacker, defender and reinforcements (grouped by tribe)

Important information is displayed at the top (such as the number of wounded, buildings damaged by catapults or any restrictions).

Lost units are shown in red.

Various icons let you archive or share the report, open the combat simulator or centre the map on the village of one of the protagonists.

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