Resources are used to build, train troops and activate special features of some buildings.

In addition, you must pay special attention to crops, as they are required to feed your population and your army. 

Most building levels increase your population and population, like troops, consumes crops.

It's therefore very important to maintain sufficient crop production to ensure the future of your empire.

Crops  are stored in the Granary. 

Make sure you have sufficient storage space to avoid losing crops unnecessarily.

There are four main ways to obtain more crops:

  • Produce by upgrading your crop fields, and take advantage of the mill and bakery bonus.
  • Raid other players or robbers for their resources.
  • Use your hero's production capacity.
  • Activate crop production boost (Premium feature) to gain +25% for a few days.

When you run out of crops to feed your troops, they start to die! 

It's starvation time: Your troops die gradually until the balance between your stocks and the consumption of your units is restored.

So, as you can guess, crop stock determine the maximum size of your army. No more crops, no more units.


If your production is insufficient to feed all your units, you can:

  • request crop delivered by other villages/ other players. You must then make sure that your stock is never reduced to zero.
  • send your troops temporarily to another village as they will consume the crop of the village where they are stationed.

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