Which Browser should I use?

Travian Kingdoms uses modern web standards to give the best possible experience for our players. 

Although we aim to work on all browsers, you might experience that not everything works as expected.

Which browsers are recommended?

For the best playing experience, we recommend using either.

Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome

On those two, we do in-depth testing and development.

Are there other Browsers Kingdoms supports?

Microsoft Edge


Apple Safari

Are also fully supported, and we will always ensure everything works.

What about other browsers?

Because there are so many different browsers in even more different versions, we cannot guarantee that Kingdoms will run with all features and functionality in those.

If you are using another browser other than those mentioned above and run into things not working correctly, we strongly encourage you to use one of the recommended browsers.

Is there anything else to know?

Please ensure you always use the latest version of your browser, as this is the version we are working with.

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