How to report a player?

It is possible that you may experience a situation that you feel is inappropriate and/or does not respect the game's rules.

Fair play is our main goal. A rule violation is unfair, especially toward the players who respect the rules. You can help keep the game fair by reporting suspicious players to us. Below you will find a guide that explains how to proceed.

There are three main categories of reporting, each with its own method. You can report a player via the Help Center for different rule violations or directly with the report button for communication (conversations or chat).

I) Violation of the game rules

This refers to all violations of the game rules that are not associated with direct communication between players.

(E.g., multi-accounts, inappropriate content in names or profiles, clearly suspicious in-game behavior.)

To report this type of situation to our team, use the contact form in the Help Center. 

Please follow these three steps:

At the bottom of the page:

In the left section of the Help Center:

 You have reached the contact form!

  • Select the category in the list: "Report player" is relevant here.
  • Enter your email, username, and game world.
  • Choose a meaningful subject for your post ("I would like to report player XXX" is clear; subjects like "Urgent" or "Please do something" are much less so!
  • In the "Description" field, write what you have noticed and describe what you want the team to check. Feel free to add additional info that could be relevant to this player's offense.

Remember that although the team members are very observant (it's true! ;-) ) and can see many things, they are not all-knowing! If you don't indicate what to check, they could overlook what you meant. 

Show at least the player's name, the nature of the infringement, the time, and the evidence that shows it. The more relevant information you provide, the more accurate the verification will be. 

After that, you can choose to add an attachment (perhaps a screenshot?) to your report to show what happened.

Finally, once you are ready to send the information to the team, check the boxes for "Privacy Policy" and "reCAPTCHA" and press the "Submit" button.

We will receive your report and investigate the case thoroughly, taking the appropriate measures to keep the game fair and orderly.

II) Conversation (private message)

If you receive a message with inappropriate content, use the reporting feature in the conversation interface!

Let's look at how to do it with the help of Eline (who is actually a very nice person).

It's really easy, isn't it?

Tips: Did you notice that you can also "ignore" the player for 24 hours? This prevents them from writing to you during this time.

A team member will receive your report and a copy of the message and take care of your request.

III) Chat

An equivalent feature exists for the chat.

Let's see a new message from Eline:

This opens a pop-up window:

Select the type of report and click on the "Report player" button. Here too, you can ignore the player for 24 hours.

A team member will receive your report and the excerpt from the thread and take care of your request.

Additional information

  • Use the appropriate tool! A ticket via the Help Center will not allow us to verify the content of a message.
  • Detail your report! A message like "Player X is a cheater" will not help anyone to understand your report.
  • Remember that we will not inform you of any results from the check our team performs. Our privacy policy prevents this, just as it protects you! (For the same reason, we will never pass on the name of the player who has reported someone).
  • Please be assured that we value your reports and that they are all thoroughly checked. If you don't see a punishment, don't think we haven't handled your report. There is a wide range of penalties; some are simply not visible to other players.

And don't forget: Every report helps us to maintain a clean and fair game for everyone!

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