Vacation Mode

Requirements (Base)


A governor can enable vacation mode if:

  • The governor is currently not the owner of a Wonder of the World
  • The governor does not have an active Boost Phase from a previous vacation
  • The governor has remaining Vacation Days
  • The governor is not under beginner's protection *

King, Vice King, Duke

Being a King, Vice King, or Duke is an active role that requires a time commitment. Therefore, players in these roles cannot enable vacation mode.

To gain access to vacation mode again, players must leave their role as Duke, Vice King, or King.

Game World 

Governors can enable vacation mode in any game world.

Function Overview

  • Enable vacation mode to take a break from the game while your villages are protected
  • Catch up when the vacation ends with a special boost to resources and troop training
  • Log in whenever you like to do limited actions and chat, or cancel your vacation anytime


Enabling Vacation Mode

Click the settings cog in the top right corner next to your player profile.

At the bottom of the settings, you will find Vacation Mode. Here you can enter the number of vacation days you wish to take and then click confirm. Once confirmed, you will enter the Activation Phase.

What is the Activation Phase, and how is it different from Vacation Mode?

The Activation Phase is the time it takes for your planned Vacation Mode to take effect and lasts 48 hours (24 hours on speed game worlds). No Vacation Days are spent during the Activation Phase. 

While in the Activation Phase, you may not relocate with the Menhir feature*. You cannot send any attacks or sieges to Wonders of the World, Natarian Villages, Oases, or player villages. The Activation Phase offers no protection, and other players can attack you as normal. Once the Activation Phase ends, Vacation Mode is immediately enabled.

Vacation Mode Details

Which restrictions and benefits do I have during the vacation mode?

Wood, Clay, and Iron production is paused, which also means your villages will not produce tributes for your kingdom. You will make these resources and tributes back in the Boost Phase when your Vacation Mode ends. Troop training is also paused. 

While you have vacation mode enabled, your in-game actions are limited. You may not relocate with the Menhir feature*. You cannot send any troop movements (reinforcement, attack, raid, scouting, and siege) to Wonders of the World, Natarian Villages, Oases, or player villages. Any troop reinforcements from other players stationed in your villages will automatically be sent back once your vacation is active. 

Additionally, the following restrictions apply to the marketplace:

  • Sending resources to other players' villages is disabled
  • Receiving resources from other players' villages is disabled
  • Buying and selling resources on the marketplace are disabled

Trade routes and resources from stolen goods are unaffected.

In return, your villages are protected, and other players cannot send any troop movements towards them (this also includes reinforcement).

Which Gold Features can I use while on Vacation? *

While on vacation, Gold Features are restricted. Refer to this table for a full overview of what is available. 

Gold FeatureAvailable
Finish now - <120 minutes
Finish now - >120 minutes(error)
NPC trader(error) 

Merchant Instant Delivery

Instant Tributes/Stolen Goods(error)
Buying Gold(tick)
Exchange office (Silver:Gold, Gold:Silver)(tick) 
Card game - Daily Free card(tick) 
Card game - Free Play(tick) 
Card game - One card(tick) 
Card game - Play 4of5 (tick) 
Finish now - < 5 minute free(tick) 
Building queue slot (1, 2, 3)(tick) 
Merchant repetition slot (1, 2)(tick) 
Boosts (X Days, Whole Round)(tick) 
Great Deals(tick) 

I have active Boosts; what happens to them if I enable Vacation Mode?

Your "Resource Bonus" premium feature will be paused. When your Vacation Mode ends, you will have the same time left as when you enabled Vacation Mode. Premium features that are not affected by the vacation mode restrictions, such as "Travian Plus" and "Crop Bonus", will not be paused.

Are my Oases still assigned during the Vacation Mode?*

When you enter vacation mode, all assigned Oases in your embassies become unassigned. Any reinforcing troops in any Oases are sent back to their original village, even if the Oases was not previously assigned. Oases can't be assigned again in the Embassy for the duration of the vacation mode. When returning from vacation, you can assign the Oases in the embassies again. 

Can I send merchants during the Vacation Mode?

Yes, the use of the marketplace is unaffected by Vacation Mode. 

I have enabled Vacation Mode. Will my troops still consume crop?

Yes, troops will still consume crop as normal and can die of starvation. The Vacation Mode is for reducing the amount of time needed in the game for a limited time, but important things like crop consumption must still be managed.

What happens if I have Vacation Mode enabled and become a Duke, Vice King, King, or Owner of a Wonder of the World?

If you become a Duke or owner of a Wonder of the World, your active Vacation Mode will end immediately. For Vice Kings and Kings, the active Vacation Mode will be immediately canceled when the coronation ceremony ends.

I got a warning in the rally point that the target might be on vacation when my attack arrives. What does it mean?

That means the targeted player is in the Activation Phase, and their Vacation Mode will be enabled before your attack arrives. In case your troops arrive at a target in vacation mode, no combat will happen, and your troops will return empty-handed. If the targeted player cancels their vacation mode in the meantime, your troops will attack as normal.

What are Vacation Days?

Vacation Days are the number of days you can spend in Vacation Mode per game world. For each started day in Vacation Mode, one day is removed from your Vacation Days budget.

This means that if you were to cancel your Vacation Mode one minute after it activates, one full Vacation Day would be removed from your budget.

The number of Vacation Days available depends on the speed of the Game World. On a regular speed world, the number of available Vacation Days is 14. On higher speed worlds, the number of available Vacation Days is 7.

How do I cancel Vacation Mode?You can cancel your Vacation Mode anytime through the settings menu. You can also cancel your planned vacation mode through settings while in the Activation Phase.

Boost Phase

What is the Boost Phase? 

The Boost Phase takes immediate effect after your Vacation Mode ends or was canceled. The duration of the Boost Phase is equal to how long your Vacation Mode was active. That means, when you abort a set vacation, the boost phase will be shorter too. 

What are the effects of the Boost Phase?

The boost phase has the following effects:

  • Doubled resource (Wood, Clay, and Iron) production
  • Doubled tribute production
  • Doubled troop training speed

Here is a comparison of normal wood production, production during Vacation Mode, and production during the Boost Phase:

*Valid only for game worlds started in September 2021 and later.

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