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What are Vacation Days?

Vacation Days are the number of days you can spend in Vacation Mode per game world. For each started day in Vacation Mode, one day is removed from your Vacation Days budget.

This means that if you were to cancel your Vacation Mode one minute after it activates, one full Vacation Day would be removed from your budget.

The number of Vacation Days available depends on the speed of the Game World. In a regular speed world, the number of available Vacation Days is 14. On higher-speed worlds, the number of available Vacation Days is 7.


A governor can enable vacation mode if:

  • The governor is currently not the owner of a Wonder of the World
  • The governor does not have an active Boost Phase from a previous vacation
  • The governor has remaining Vacation Days
  • The governor is not under beginner's protection *

King, Vice King, Duke

Being a King, Vice King, or Duke is an active role that requires a time commitment. Therefore, players in these roles cannot enable vacation mode.

To gain access to vacation mode again, players must leave their role as Duke, Vice King, or King.

Game World

Governors can enable vacation mode in any game world.

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