Truce (Peace)

A Travian Kingdoms world remains active day and night for several months. 

We recognise that this is a long time, but there are some features to allow you to take a break, such as the vacation mode, which lets players pause for few days during the round.

Vacation Mode

In some exceptional cases, for example, during an impactful real-life event, the whole community can benefit from a rest; this is when a Truce occurs.

The truce is a general ceasefire in the game world. When a truce is decided, it is announced several days in advance. You'll then know which gameworlds are being affected, as well as the start and end dates.

How does it work?

Attacks and combat

  • For the duration of the truce, there is a general ceasefire: troops sent to attack do not fight but only convey a message of greetings instead.
  • Spying on other players doesn't work.
  • You can still attack robber hideouts, camps, and abandoned oases.


  • The truce does not stop troops from consuming: they will continue to consume crops.
  • If the stock of crops is no longer sufficient to feed the troops, there will be no starvation, so the troops will not starve during the truce and for 24 hours after the truce ends.


that when the famine resumes, losses can be very high due to the accumulated shortage! Check your crop stock before the famine resumes (and don't wait until the last moment)!

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