What is the Lobby?

The lobby is the first place you visit when you join Travian Kingdoms. It is the starting point of all your journeys in the game worlds. 

Here you can find all the important information about the game, your account, and other helpful links.

Here is the detail of the content:

Top bar  

Here you can change the language and thus see the new game worlds offered. Buttons allow you to quickly reach the most frequently visited places (Discord / Help Center) and on the right side is the logout button. 

Left column 

Below your account name, you can see the image of your avatar and 3 buttons that allow to display different contents in the center of the Lobby page :   Game worlds (default ) / Account / Hall of fame.

Then come the calendar: it shows the next game worlds that will open in the language you have selected (and the international ones).

and finally, the latest news about the game (infos, updates, events...).

Middle section 

This is where the selected category with the buttons on the left is displayed.

  • Game Worlds

If you have transferable gold, it is displayed here! Click on the yellow button to transfer it to one of your avatars on a game world. (see "How can I transfer my Gold to another game world?" )

In second place, you can see the game worlds on which you have an active avatar and the game worlds on wich another player has given you the rights to play with him as a dual or sitter : your ongoing game rounds. Click on the "Continue playing" button to join the game.

This is also where you can add a Dual or a Sitter to your own avatar(s): click on the name of the game world to do so. 

(more information in : Duals & Sitter)


Finally, if you are looking for a new challenge, you can see some of the game worlds we recommend.

  • Account

This overview contains information about... your account!

In the upper part , you can see (and change) the email address associated with your account, change your password, and subscribe to the newsletter of Travian Games.

The lower part is dedicated to your experience,  you can see your prestige, the achievements you have performed and those in progress, the list of game worlds you have played on and those of the game worlds you are currently playing on. 

Tip: don't forget to check the list of achievements from time to time to validate the ones you've accomplished and collect the prestige.

  • Hall of fame
This category shows you all completed game worlds,

you can use the filter on the top right to see only the worlds you have taken part in, or the worlds of a specific domain (language)

Click on "More details" to see information, statistics and the top 3 ranking for each game world.

Right column 

Find your friends, see if they are online or not and on which worlds they are currently playing.


it gathers useful links to useful documents : the Terms & Conditions, Game Rules and the Privacy Policy 

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