When playing Travian Kingdoms via the App, you can enable push notifications as the account owner. Duals or sitters don't receive push notifications. When logged into the app, take the following path to customize your push notifications:

Lobby > Settings > Notification Settings

Settings menu

In the settings menu, you can choose the worlds that you'd like to receive notifications for and which you don't. The enabled worlds are highlighted in green; the disabled ones are greyed out. This means they're displayed in grey.

All enabled game rounds will have the same individual settings within the different categories. When your account is undergoing deletion, we automatically disable push notifications for the game round.

Settings menu in the Travian Kingdoms app, page 1Settings menu in the Travian Kingdoms app, page 2


The push notifications in the app cover the following six categories. Each category combines several notification types.







If not otherwise stated, the timers are instant. In other words, they inform you about the current situation. For instance, if you enable push notifications for the timer tier item release, you'll get a push notification as soon as these stronger hero items are available on an adventure. Since all notifications are the same for each enabled game round, we've included the game round name in the actual message.