Account & Avatar

What is an account?

To play Travian Kingdoms, you only need one account (lobby account)

It is not bound to a specific gameworld but is used for the lobby and the whole game area. 

  • You can think of it as a "master account."
  • It is associated with your email address (or social network account), which makes it possible to prove your ownership and to recover a forgotten password, for example.
  • It could contain multiple avatars. 
  • It records and preserves your global prestige, achievements, and a list of your completed rounds.
  • It cannot be deleted yet (unless you contact support directly). See: How to delete my Lobby account? 
  • It stores unused and purchased Gold balances at the end of a gameworld so you can transfer them to another avatar. See: How can I transfer my Gold to another game world?
  • It allows you to select dual or sitter for each avatar

It's important not to create multiple lobby accounts in order to be able to accumulate prestige, keep track of your history and experience (ranking), and have the option to transfer remaining Gold balances to one of your other avatars.

What is an avatar?

An avatar represents your lobby account in a specific gameworld.

  • You can create an avatar on any gameworld open for registration, regardless of the domain (country).
  • You can only have one avatar in each gameworld.
  • An avatar can have a different name than your lobby account.
  • Each avatar allows you to choose the tribe you want to play with.
  • You can delete an avatar in the game settings. See: How to delete my avatar


In order to play in the different gameworlds of different countries, such as the test world and special event worlds, you need one lobby account and as many avatars as the rounds you play (whatever your role or tribe in each gameworld).

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