Achievements are special tasks in addition to the actual gameplay.

Travian: Kingdoms includes dozens of achievements. In most cases they come in five levels, which are directly visible in the form of a special frame around the specific achievement icon. 

In the above example, all the levels of an achievement are shown. "Early Bird" challenge the player to complete a certain number of attacks within one minute of the end of the night truce (on game worlds that offer this feature).

While the wooden first level just requires only one attack,, the final golden level requires 100.

Besides those achievements that primarily require continuous activity in the game, there are also distinctly skill-based tasks such as reaching the “200 population” milestone in as few days as possible. 

Your previous personal best is saved and shown in the achievement overview in the lobby, as seen in the following screenshot. 

Where to find the achievements?

This view also allows the player to filter achievements by type and to collect rewards for each completed achievement level in the form of prestige points.


when an achievement is completed, a popup appears on your game page, don't forget to collect the prestige reward!

On top of that there are special achievements for finishing and winning servers, as well as hidden achievements for especially ambitious players (Players must try to guess the task to be accomplished). 

These achievements only have one level and are worth a lot of prestige points. 

How can I show my achievements to other players?

It happens on your player profile:

Open the profile page, edit the description. The list of achievements you can show is on the right. Simply click on an icon to add it.

It goes without saying,the higher your level of achievement, the more your profile will impress others.

Have fun collecting and discovering all the achievements available in Travian: Kingdoms!

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