To fully enjoy the game, it's essential to communicate with other players. Whether it's to organize with allies and members of the kingdom, to organize discreet operations within secret societies or to establish diplomatic relations with other players.

The game offers several ways to communicate:

Chat Personal Message Discord

To get started and access the messaging/chat system, click on the button in the bottom left of your screen. Image The chat window opens, and you can see the different chat rooms available:

  1. Chat: a place to meet players who speak the same language.
  2. Help: to ask other players for help and advice.
  3. Global: to contact all players in the gameworld who have joined the chat.
  4. Kingdom: to chat with members of your kingdom.
  5. Secret society: as the name suggests, to chat with other members of your secret societies.

When you have a new message, a notification will appear on the icon at the bottom of your screen :

To start chatting and see participating players, you must enter the chat room by clicking on the green "Join chat" button. Select the desired player, and the chat window will open.

Here are a few things to consider about this window:

  1. You can see the player's role (King/Duke/Governor).
  2. A special menu allows you to view the player's profile, report the conversation in the event of abuse, and ignore the player (who will no longer be able to contact you)
  3. Your messages to the player have to be written in the bottom text field

To close the chat window, click again on the icon:

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